Website Packages

Sometimes it's easier to start with something pre-defined, rather than try to build a site from scratch. We are developing new website packages that offer a foundation for a variety of common websites to get things started. 

The packages listed below are available now, contact us for details and to sign up.

  • Churches

    Our package for church web sites provides a clean, professional design with a layout that is easy to use and easy for staff to manage. Includes a set of modules that are common to most churches.

  • Starter Sites

    A basic site of up to six pages, custom colour, adding a logo and some photos. Starting at $600 this package still allows for customization and can grow into a larger site in the future, without starting over!

  • Members Only

    Password protected sections of existing sites or stand-alone sites for board members, specific users etc. Document and image protection, postings and page management. Starting at $1200 plus taxes.