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Building websites isn't about technology. It's the ability to communicate effectively across a dynamic medium. It's using the knowledge of why the internet works the way it does to present your product or service in a way that reaches people.  Websmart takes you to the next level - past the gloss and surface of quickly put together billboard sites. We utilize the tools of our trade and put our experience of building hundreds of websites to the task of creating a custom site that can be managed by staff, capitalizes on your information, and works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Websmart Inc, based near Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan,  is a true website design service encompassing all of the aspects of creating and maintaining a sustainable presence on the world wide web. Our clients cover a wide spectrum - small businesses, non-profit organizations, government, environmental, and indigenous groups both inside and outside of Saskatchewan.


Are there any legal requirements I have to consider for my website?

There is Government legislation regarding some of the aspects of websites - mainly in the areas of privacy and accessibility.  You need to be aware of what these rules are and comply with them, otherwise you are opening yourself up to potential lawsuits and bad publicity.  Privacy is critical and being transparent with website users about what you do with their information is essential. 

Accessibility means providing your information to those with disabilities - whether its motor skills, eyesight or hearing challenges, colour blindness etc.  There are actual laws surrounding with significant fines for website owners who do not comply.  Right now it depends on what province you are in as to what those laws are.

A professional website designer will be aware of these, and other laws and rules that must be applied.  If your webmaster or designer is not aware these, its time to get a new website designer who is in tune with the industry!


Custom Websites
Twenty years ago custom websites were all you could do, now with so many automated options out there - is a custom website worth the investment? You will find there are many advantages of going old school online.