Websmart Inc.

Go beyond the home page!

Building websites isn't about technology. It's the ability to communicate effectively across a dynamic medium. It's using the knowledge of why the internet works the way it does to present your product or service in a way that reaches people.  Websmart takes you to the next level - past the gloss and surface of quickly put together billboard sites. We utilize the tools of our trade and put our experience of building hundreds of websites to the task of creating a custom site that can be managed by staff, capitalizes on your information, and works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Websmart Inc, based near Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan,  is a true website design service encompassing all of the aspects of creating and maintaining a sustainable presence on the world wide web. Our clients cover a wide spectrum - small businesses, non-profit organizations, government, environmental, and indigenous groups both inside and outside of Saskatchewan.


I can build my own website but I have some questions. Can you help me?

The old saying "you get what you pay for" applies right across the board when it comes to professional services. We cannot just give away our hard earned experience and knowledge. There are many free options out there to build websites, but you will literally be on your own. Yes there are plenty of resources online to Google ... if you have the time. You will need to learn why things work the way they do, not just how to use the tools themselves. For personal websites and hobbies and interests, a small free site is an option. You will be part of a larger framework that will try to provide the tools you need, until they change their platform, remove features (i.e. Facebook),  go out of business or are sold. There is no bigger turn off than hitting a website for a business or organization that comes across as amateurish, poorly designed navigation, outdated or does not function well. Expectations of users are great, and with a click they are gone. So while building your own website may save you money, you will need to invest a lot of your own valuable time in trial and error, and in the meantime it will cost you in terms of lost customers who will quickly move on. If you are expecting a big return on minimal investment, you will most likely be disappointed. 

Custom Websites
Twenty years ago custom websites were all you could do, now with so many automated options out there - is a custom website worth the investment? You will find there are many advantages of going old school online.