Custom Websites

by Owen R. Smart, Websmart Inc.

Twenty years ago custom websites were all you could do, now with so many automated options out there - is a custom website worth the investment?  You will find there are many advantages of going old school online.

Communication is what using a website is all about - communicating with your customers, looking to interest new customers - let the world know you are here.  How does one automate a process that really should be personal,  relationship building, adapting and finding customers where they are at.  Its developing trust, its being consistent, its being available when they want you.

Whatever site building platform you want to use will change.  We have seen numerous times how Facebook changes its features, removing ones you like and adding new ones and users get up in arms about it, for good reason - it breaks their trust.  Google is another that removes good features after you have invested your time setting up and using their systems.  These are big companies more interested in profits than in serving the individual. 

Building a custom website puts you in control.  As a small business owner myself, that appeals to me - I make my own decisions, I do not want to place my future in the hands of a Google or Facebook or whoever.  Our custom sites also stand the test of time, many of our customers have been with us for 10 to 20 years already.  Yes we have upgraded, modified and expanded these sites over the years - at a time and budget that works for the customer, its never a surprise.  Never removing functionality, unless required, but always adding to it ... always moving forward.  We call that scalability - being able to expand as necessary with new features, new information, new technology when its deemed beneficial. 

Flexibility is the key to stability.

John Wooden

The cost?  Yes, custom websites cost more initially - however if you measure that out over time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year over how many years?  That cost seems very small indeed compared to the time lost, (which you can't get back), in being blown around by the winds of of an ever-changing webscape.

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